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The Art of Praxiteles

The Art of Praxiteles

  • Collana: Studia Archaeologica, 133
  • Formato: 17 x 24 cm
  • Rilegatura: Hardcover with dustjacket
  • Pagine: 352
  • Anno edizione: 2004
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First Chapter: The possible continuity of workshop and sculptural tradition from Myron - Praxiteles the Elder - Styppax from Cyprus - Lycius - Strongylion - Olympiosthenes up until Cephisodotus the Elder: a. Myron; b. Praxiteles; c. Styppax; d. Philiscus; e. Lycius; f. Strongylion; g. Olympiosthenes; h. Cephisodotus the lder; i. Xenophon of Athens; Second Chapter: Birth, family, social conditions and education of Praxiteles (c. 395-75); Third Chapter: The activity of Praxiteles in the workshop of Cephisodotus the Elder (around 375-68): 1. The Acanthus Column at Delphi; 2. The Warrior standing beside a horse, at Athens; 3. The Tyrant-slayers; 4. The Charioteer placed in a quadriga made by Calamis; Fourth Chapter: Praxiteles at the helm of his workshop. His participation in Platos environment and the beginning of his relationship with Phryne (368-4): 5. The Kidnapping of Persephone; 6. Persephone descending to the Underworld; 7. The Thyiades; 8. The Caryatids; 9. The Sileni; 10. The Maenads; 11. The base of a choregic monument Athens, National Archaeological Museum, no. 1463; 12. The triad of Demeter, Kore and Iakchus; 13. The triad of Flora, Triptolemus and Ceres; 14. The statue of Cliocratia; 15. The bronze Dionysus; 16. The Archer Eros; 17. The triad of Thespiae; 18. The Pouring Satyr; 19. Danae, the Nymphs and Pan; 20. The Weeping Matron and the Merry Courtesan; 21. The bronze statue of Eros Diadumenus; Photographical references; General Index.

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