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Renaissance Weddings and the Antique

Renaissance Weddings and the Antique

Italian Secular Paintings from the Lanckoronski Collection.

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Jerzy Miziolek, Renaissance Weddings and the Antique. Italian secular Paintings from the Lanckoroñski Collection

March 2015
The book discusses some thirty Italian Renaissance domestic paintings from the Viennese collection of Count Karol Lanckoroñski (1848-1933), which since 1994 have belonged to the Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków. The majority of them depict mythological subjects and scenes from Greek and Roman history; they once served as decorations on the walls of nuptial chambers (spalliere) or the fronts of painted wedding chests, usually referred to as cassoni. The domestic paintings amassed by Lanckoroñski in the last quarter of the 19th century in an exemplary way reflect the Renaissance fascination with classical literature, archaeology, and the classical tradition in the visual arts. Above all the book provides an explorative study of the subject matter of the paintings in the context of weddings, although stylistic analysis is also discussed.

JERZY MIZIOLEK is professor of the visual arts and the classical tradition at the University of Warsaw (Institute of Archaeology). He studied art history and classical archaeology at the Jagiellonian University, Kraków and Christian archaeology at the Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia, Rome. He received his Ph.D. in 1987 and habilitation in 1996. He has been awarded a Saxl Fund fellowship at the Warburg Institute (1990), a Getty Grant Program postdoctoral fellowship (1991), a Mellon fellowship at Villa I Tatti (Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, 1994), a fellowship at the Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florence (1995), a Paul Mellon fellowship at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts at the National Gallery of Art, Washington (1996, 1997, 1998, 2001) and a Getty Research Institute fellowship (2006). Since 1992 he has been teaching courses in Italian Renaissance art and the classical tradition in the visual arts of the 18th and 19th centuries. He is the author of more than 150 papers and reviews published, among others, in the Journal of the Warburg Institute, Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Intitutes in Florenz, Arte Cristiana, Prospettiva, Fontes, Renaissance Studies, I Tatti Studies, Fontes, Iconographica, Pegassus and Arte Lombarda. Several of them deal with Italian Renaissance domestic paintings. He has published seven books, including: Sol verus: Studies in the Iconography of Christ in the Art of the First Christian Millennium (1991), Soggetti classici sui cassoni fiorentini alla vigilia del Rinascimento (1996), Falsifications in Polish Collections and Abroad (2001), The Artistic Culture of Warsaws University (2003) and Muse, bacchanti e centauri. La pittura pompeiana e la loro fortuna in Polonia (2010). Since 1991 he has delivered more than forty papers and lectures at foreign universities and international symposia concerning Early Christian, Renaissance and neoclassical art.

Jerzy Miziolek

Renaissance Weddings and the Antique
Italian Secular Paintings from the Lanckoroñski Collection


Introduction and Acknowledgements

Part I: The Collector and the Artistic Genre

1. Karol Lanckoroñski and his Art Collection
2. Renaissance Weddings and the Visual Arts

Part II: The Power of Narrative. Paintings from Domestic Settings and their Meaning

3. Narcissus, Pyramus and Thisbe, and a Court of Love
4. The Awakening of Paris and Helen of Troy
5. Ulysses, Penelope and the Charm of the Sirens Song
6. Psyche, Cupid and Botticellis Primavera
7. Orpheus and Eurydice, or, the Power of Music and Everlasting Love
8. Battles and Triumphs: the Romans and the Gauls, Scipio Africanus and the Invincible Perseus
9. Shooting at Fathers Corpse and other exempla iustitiae
10. Sages Crowned...and Derided, or, the Stories of Aristotle and Virgil
11. A Rape with a Happy Ending: Magnaminity and Nuptials


Ewa Wilkoj, Cassoni Panel Paintings - Conservation Notes



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