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Porta Maggiore: Monument and Landscape

Porta Maggiore: Monument and Landscape

Archaeology and Topography of the Southern Esquiline from the Late Republican Period to the Present

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This large volume reports on the `Archaeology anad Topography of the Southern Esquiline from the Late Republican Period to the Present'. The study includes introductory sections on the historical and topographical background, as well as an archaeological summary. Detailed discussion is then presented on the nature of the area under Claudius' reign. Aurelius, Maxentius, and its history during Late Antiquity and throughout the medieval period to the early modern period and the monument and landscape of today. Axonometric reconstructions by Eamonn Canniffe are presented alongside black and white illustrations

Introduction and acknowledgments; I. The area before Claudius; I.1. Historical and topographical summary; I.2.Archeological summary; II.Aquas Claudiam...item Anienem Novam : The Claudian Project; II.1. Historical Summary; II.2. The Monument; II.3. The area at the time of Claudius; III. From Claudius to Aurelian; III.1 Aqueducts; III.2. Horti; III.3. Tombs; IV. The Aurelianic Walls, 271-403 ad; IV.1. Aurelian; IV.2. Maxentius; IV.3. Honorius and Arcadius ; IV.4. The area in Late Antiquity; V. The Middle Ages, 500-1500 ad; V.1. The early middle ages; V.2. The settlement of Porta Maggiore in the Subiaco Register; V.3. The late middle ages and Nicholas V; VI. 16th to 18th centuries; VI.1 Antiquarian and Architectural Study; VI.2. Sixtus V and the Acqua Felice; VI.3. The area in the 16th to 18th centuries; VII. Gregory xvi and the disencumbrance of Porta Maggiore; VIII. 20th century; VIII.1. First phase, 1908-38; VIII.2. Second phase, 1950-59; VIII.3. The area in the 20th century; Monument and Landscape; bibliography; Appendix; plates. Survey drawings by Nicola Macchia, Luca Cevenini, Marco Campolucci and Simone Quilici.

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