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Image and Relic.

Image and Relic.

Mediating the Sacred in Early Medieval Rome

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Acknowledgments; List of Abbreviations; List of Illustrations; Introduction: Image and Relic; 1. The Sancta Sanctorum Objects; 2. The Enamelled Cross; The Cross and the Virgin; In the Service of the Mother of God; Ephesians 2: 13-17; The Sacraments of the Church and the Fons Vitae; 3. The Rectangular Casket; Ecclesia Romana - Ecclesia Universalis; The Infancy of Christ and the Living Temple; The Church and the Cross; 4. The Cruciform Casket; Christ as Priest and Sacrifice; The Body and the Church; The Evidence of the Resurrection; 5. Pictorial Eclecticism and Programmatic Unity; The Pictorial Sources; Two Pairs of Objects, One Program; 6. Mediating the Sacred and the Construction of a Papal Image Theory; The Mosaics of SS. Nereo ed Achilleo; Ninth-Century Challenges to Orthodoxy; Incarnation and Image; Paths to the Invisible; 7. Paschal I and the Authorization of the Papacy as Mediator of the Sacred; The Early Medieval Lateran Palace; The Arca Cipressina; The Objects inside the Arca Cipressina; Roman Primacy and the Tradition of Orthodoxy; Pope Paschal between the Faithful and God; Bibliography; Index; Photo Credits; Illustrations.

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