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Great Civilisations of the ancient Sahara (The).

Great Civilisations of the ancient Sahara (The).

Neolithisation and the earliest evidence of anthropomorphic religions.

  • Collana: Bibliotheca Archaeologica, 21
  • Formato: 21,5 x 28 cm
  • Rilegatura: Rilegato con sovraccoperta
  • Pagine: 276, 118 Ill. B/N, 90 Ill. Col.
  • Anno edizione: 1998
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Introduction; The biological evolution of Homo and the gradual appearance of different cultural forms; The aesthetic function; The emergence of art as a stage of fundamental importance in the cultural evolution of Homo; Prehistoric art as awareness of the environment, the real andthe non-real; Prehistoric art in the Sahara: difficulties of interpretation; Research activity in the Tadrat Acacus; Research activity in the Amsak Settafet; Style and technique; The earliest anthropomorphic engravings; History and prehistory of the Sahara: neolithisation and anthropomorphism: the Round Head Period; The sacred nature of shelters; Kettles; Pairs of holes; Chronology; Notes to the illustrations; Glossary; Bibliography.

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